The Team

The team spirit at Hub van Laar Trumpets & Flugelhorns is very high. We have worked together for years and know exactly our skills. In that way we can improve and refine our products.



Hub van Laar received his training for masterbrasswindinstrument-maker in the German city Stuttgart and completed several teaching practices in the United States before he started his own business; the handmade production of trumpets and flugelhorns.



Heidrun Jöchner is a qualified 'Musikalienhändlerin' and is in charge of the executive part of the company. She advises and supports the customers and is responsible for the financial part and the dispatch department of the company.


Jan van Laar is a skilled lathe operator and is specialized in the technical development of the more and more advanced machines to build the components of the trumpets and flugelhorns.


Benny Curfs studies Build Environment. He is operational in the workshop. 




Roberto Janssen is an original die and tool maker. He joined our company in april 2010 and he is operational in the workshop. He's responsable for repairing instruments and he also assists with the manufacturing of new instruments. 



Christa Habets is a qualified secretary and has worked since august 2010 with our company. She supports the executive part of our company: administration, accounting and small translations for the web. She also gives information in person or by telephone to the customers with their questions. 


Yannic Roijen is studying mechanical engineering. He is involved in the workshop and helps with repairing instruments.



Uwe Kampe is originally trained as a toolmaker and constructional engineer. He has 10 years experience in the manufacture of instruments. He is chiefly responsible for the management of the company, purchasing and administration, but also works in the Production Department where he takes care of the fitting of valves and the finishing.



Roman Stibor trained as a brass wind instrument builder. He has an “Abitur“ (high-school) certificate, and nine years’ working experience. He is specialised in the building of instruments as well as soldering and metal bending. In the future he will also be responsible for the production of piston valves.



clav Kříž is trained as a brass instrument builder, and has 44 years’ experience in this field. His main assignment is the production of rotary and piston valves. He is also responsible for repairs and the production of special instruments. 



Tino Bauer first studied business management and then worked for several years in transport and logistics. For the past five years he has committed himself to the building of instruments. The production of piston valves, the completion of the tuning slides, soldering and metal cutting are also among his tasks. 



Otto Fiser is trained as a brass instrument builder and bell maker, with 34 years’ experience in this field. His main assignment is pre- and high lustre burnishing. In addition he is responsible for the pre-assembly of piston valves and for metal bending.